Jonathan Roger, Artist historic street, landscape Paintings, Hereford, UK.

Roman goddess Epona pendant found within the Roman town Magnis, Kenchester, five miles west of Hereford (on display at Hereford Museum.) Linocut print, 2020. Size 13x13cm. NFS.

Commission a painting of your view of…

Hereford Cathedral historic street scene

landscape near Hereford

  • plywood board (FSC forest management) with 5x coats of white gesso prima.

  • Small size: 28cm (11inches) length x 24cm (9 and a half inches) height.
  • Unframed, select your own frame.

Contact: [email protected]

  • No deposit required and no obligation to buy.


  • Day 1: Total Price £20: Preparatory pencil drawing of light and shadows on heavy cartridge paper.
    • or Total Price £30: if requested ink & ink wash is added to the original pencil drawing.
  • Days 2: or Total Price £40: MONOTONE classical “under painting” technique of French artist Jean Millet to get light and shadows. Please refer to the photo below of the monotone underpainting, Old Wye Bridge.) I’m not the only person who thinks the picture looks completed at this stage. Yellow ochre mixed with burnt umber (or either raw umber or burnt sienna, depending on the key colour chosen for the picture) and titanium white. (Commission also includes the original pencil drawing.)
    • or Total Price £60: colour is applied to the acrylic under painting (Commission also includes the original pencil drawing.)
  • Finished…arrange to meet somewhere near High Town Hereford to finally view.


J o n a t h a n R o g e r



Old Wye Bridge, Hereford, by Jonathan Roger, 2021. Painted on site. Acrylic painting on plywood board. Size: 28(11″) x 20cm(8 “.)

Photo credit Jonathan Simpson. Monotone underpainting on plywood board, Day 1.
Preparatory drawing on site (with values/ shade) on heavy A4 size cartridge paper with 4B & 6B pencils.
Hereford Cathedral, Church Street, by Jonathan Roger, 2021. Acrylic on plywood board studio work. Size: 28(11″) x 20cm(8″.)
Preparatory pencil drawing (4B & 6B non-graphite pencils) on site (without values/ shading of lights & shadows) on A4 size heavy cartridge paper.

Magnis Roman Town, (Kenchester, near Hereford) by Jonathan Roger, July, 2021. Acrylic paint on plywood board. Size: 26x15cm. Now a Scheduled Ancient Monument, the site is a pasture field and a public footpath runs diagonally across it.)
The street scene is a modified version from the video, Temple borough, Roman Fort (in a suburb of Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England.) A visualised 3D flythrough from Rotherham Museums.
by Animators on behalf of Rotherham Museums & Archives, date 2012.
Preparatory drawing on heavy cartridge paper with 4B & 6B pencils.
Self-portrait, 2021. Acrylic painting on plywood board. Size: 28x28cm.
Self-portrait, 2021. Charcoal on heavy cartridge paper A4 size.