is naturally anti-bacterial

Handsfree Door Opener Tool

(for peace of mind to exit a public toilet, even on a train journey.)

Ethical & handmade by myself from FSC certified renewable & well managed pine forests.

Door Opener Tool’s no-touch lever action copes on a stiff traditional door handle.

No responsibility disclaimer: the tool user accepts any risk of any injury or damage.

Door Opener Handsfree Pine Tool

Jonathan Roger

“I’ve come up with a new Door Opener Tool, handmade of pine for a touchless public WC exit.” No second re-wash of your hands. KEEP CALM… without the silent scream in this scenario to keep alert for Covid-19.

  • Different from competitors, because of it’s lever action...

NB. This tool works on most types of door handles & latches. NOT for door knobs or completely round latches (competitors have the same problem.)

  • Different, pine is Eco-Friendly

For sale only within UK.

Handmade by myself.

Clean the tool daily in the evening after use, fully submerge in boiling water for five minutes and air dry. Drain the water and wash the bowl in boiling water.

Price £10

Price includes standard 2ND Class Royal Mail small parcel delivery within UK (easily fits thro’ letter box.)


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Door Opener Contactless Tool Made of Sustainable Pine. | Etsy UK

Your tool will be delivered within a fortnight.

No guarantee disclaimer: I am not responsible for any possible product failure. My website or business makes no promises about the results of the product or service.

Please note there is no warranty and no refund for your tool. Each tool is hand made by me and due to the nature of pine each is slightly unique, I finally check your pine tool.

Contact (via messages on my “shop” on the Etsy website above.

Jonathan Roger

(also the same name for business)

I am a Sole trader

Door Opener Tool, natural pine is left unvarnished & unwaxed. No markings. Make your own pattern. My own tool’s markings (as shown) is suitable for a public WC door latch & handle: a black line (approx. 70mm from it’s shorter end) to remind me to only to touch within this “safe” end. Orange cross end is the one to avoid as it comes in to direct contact with the door surface
Door Opener Tool: approximately 178mm x 21mm x 8mm size
Hands free Door Opener Tool’s lever action on a WC handle. For peace of mind.

Versatile Door Opener Tool, made of pine is strong and can carry out a no-contact lever action; similar to a jemmy crowbar motion.

Design Protection

In April, 2021, registration is approved by the government’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO) for my design protection of the door opener tool (a legal means to recover profits made by an organisation who uses this design) within the United Kingdom.

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A pine door opener tool is strong and pocket sized. “Blue Peter” fans also make their own tool case with a couple of old toilet rolls to slot firmly together; fold one end and finally cut to length. (NB. Please renew the cardboard case daily after use.)


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