Solo Dog Walker, Hereford, UK

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NB: all dog photos are free images found online by P i x a b a y

Solo Dog Walking Hereford City UK & close vicinity

Jonathan Roger

I have a valid public liability insurance certificate up to £1 million (my legal expenses too) with a specialist dog walking insurance service, “Tradesman Saver;” with the insurance agent, “Henry Seymour & Company” in the UK. No dog sitting I’m afraid.

Solo Dog Walks

I am willing to improve my professionalism. After a home visit and time to get to know one another then your dog will walk to the nearest green space to let off steam (if necessary a short car trip, ideally a minimum of two hours for any car trip to the nearest countryside walk.) I am happy to send photos during your dog’s walk.

A solo dog walker at heart, my teenager years walking our Labrador, a family member. I am a responsible ex-Council employee. Before lockdown in 2020, I was a parking attendant with excellent reference.

Your dog will get a brisk and enjoyable walk. My daily dog walk limit is two hours.

I will clean-up. Also, importantly t a k e it h o m e (why do a few owners choose not to it?) A growing problem, for example Credenhill Park Wood, near Hereford.)

Dogs like to sniff other friendly dogs, i.e. socialise. May, 2021, the news is animals are to be recognised soon as sentient beings in UK law for the first time. I’ll treat you dog with respect and kindness. I walk my brother’s spaniel on a long extending lead and free only when safe (eg no farm livestock.)

Finally, my opinion is it’s a bit cruel to ride a bicycle to exercise your dog, because I’m unable to run far myself; even though I’m fit.

More up to date photos (with the permission of dog owner) to be posted:

Roman Germanic dogs (bone or stone carving on display in a national museum)
Romano British dog (stone carving on display in a national museum)

Price £10 per Hour

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1x Hour minimum for residents WITHIN Hereford City


2x Hours minimum for residents BEYOND Hereford City

the villages in immediate proximity around City


I have decided to do these session lengths to make my travel worthwhile


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Opening Hours

Mon-Sat 10am to 6pm (last dog walking 4pm or 5pm)

Sunday 11am to 6pm

Also Bank Holidays (except Christmas Day)

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For solo dog walking please preferably call: Mobile 0785 260 6811 The best time is after 4pm (until 8pm’ish latest please.)

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Cancellation: Please with plenty of notice and I will confirm the cancellation.

On the day if there is continuous heavy rain I will telephone (after 9am) and speak to you to cancel. But I’ll dog walk with an umbrella during on and off light showers. If there is a continuous downpour I will finish early and only charge for the time worked.

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Review Dog Walkies

Write the first review. A note handed to me in person is great and the easiest way. Your review will then be put on display below to help others decide. Thank you.


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